December 17, 2012

Lacy Merino Scarf

I have yet to meet someone who's all excited and enthusiastic about finishing touches that go into your knitted objects. While I surely am not excited about weaving in ends, blocking and such, I nevertheless realize the importance of it all, and know it ties all the work together to make the finished object (FO) shine. Today I wanted to show what a difference blocking makes with my latest FO, a lacy scarf.

This is what the scarf looked like after binding off - a crumpled mess... (And yes, you'll notice that I weave in ends as I'm knitting, I usually never wait until it's all done)

I use cheap interlocking play mats as blocking boards, there are of course all kinds of fancy and more expensive solutions for it. You'll find great blocking tips at i.e.vogue knitting. In this case I sprayed the FO with a little water and pinned it with blocking pins to the mats.

Depending on the type of yarn or FO I sometimes also use a steamer or press it with an iron. Always make sure the yarn you used can handle whichever form of blocking you choose!

And here we go - blocking was well worth it, right?! :)

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