December 30, 2012

Winding swiftly now

Ever since I spent about 1 hour winding a hank of yarn manually into not-such-a-perfect skein, I've understood what all the fuzz about swifts is about. (Some yarns don't come in skeins or balls but in hanks, they have to be wound into skeins, so that you're able to work with them.)

My creative husband at once offered to built one - first wanting to create a prototype, to learn about building the perfect swift. Well, for me the current version is as perfect as it gets already, and I'm so thrilled to have my own swift now! He built it to use with a floor stand as well as with a table fastener, and carved and painted a whole lot of loving into it as well :)

On the floor stand he painted: "From spinner to swift then into a ball, to the hand of the knitter who knits love into all."

The top is a little crown :)

Here's a great video from about how to use a ball winder and a swift - easy to understand how this can save you lots of time?!!

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